EA Introduces ‘Real Player Motion’ Tech for NHL 19

EA Sports updated its blog today with a new post introducing NHL 19‘s “Real Player Motion” technology. Introduced as a way to let players “skate like Connor McDavid,” this technology is all about revamping the skating physics in NHL 19 to achieve that next level of realistic simulation.

“RPM” as EA Sports calls it, is what fuels NHL 19‘s “Explosive-Edge” skating, which gives players the ability to make sharp turns and change direction quickly, giving them more control than ever over skating. Players will be able to build speed with edgework, and use crossover maneuvers to power across every zone in the rink.

This system of course plays into attribute ratings, which take into account player skill and the size of the avatar being used. These factors will play into how you’ll use their skating abilities, from leveraging speed to power advantages based on size, along with more accurate and responsive animations that will also help the player decide which actions to take and when.

While much of the RPM explanation uses real-world player examples, EA Sports also says the technology will play into the “CHEL,” or Create-A-Skater systems. Created players will differ in look and feel based on how they are customized in the creation suite.

Finally, the blog post notes that NHL 19 will have four different stick positions to work with, and that each position is impacted by outside factors such as turning, crossovers, exits, starts, and whether or not the skater has control of the puck.

NHL 19 launches on September 14, 2018. Players who purchase the Legend or Ultimate Edition will be able to access a few days earlier, on September 11.

[Source: EA Sports]