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Uncharted Fan Film Gets Naughty Dog Seal of Approval

The Nathan Fillion-led Uncharted fan film may have won the hearts of fans with its thematically perfect tribute to all things Nathan Drake, but what does Naughty Dog think about the short?

Speaking at San Diego Comic Con this past week, director Allan Ungar reveals that two of the most important figures in Naughty Dog’s history, current studio VP Neil Druckmann and ex-Uncharted Creative Director Amy Hennig, have both lavished praise upon the Uncharted fan film in their own inimitable way.

“Amy Hennig, who I guess created the characters, she tweeted me. And she thought it was fantastic,” says Ungar. “It warmed her heart to see this 13 years later. Said ‘our baby,’ something like that.”

Druckmann, meanwhile, chose to opt for the emoji route, as Ungar explains: “Neil Druckmann, who’s now running Naughty Dog, also put a heart. The former head of Naughty Dog. When you get their support and their praise it means a lot,” before star of the show and Nathan Drake himself (until Tom Holland takes over for his Sony movie, anyways) chimed in, “It makes you feel good.”

These sorts of pats on the back won’t go unnoticed, that’s for sure. It may even further fuel the rumors that the Uncharted fan film could lead to something more down the line for Fillion and company. Fingers crossed.

[Source: IGN]