Playground Games Hires Talent from EA Motive, Rocksteady, BioWare, Ninja Theory, and More for Unannounced RPG Project

Whatever Playground Games is working on, it’s going to be big. Big, as in large, as in huge. Last year, upon opening its second studio to work on a still unannounced, open-world RPG project, the company hired top-shelf talent from big teams, including people who worked on GTA VMetal Gear Solid, and Hellblade. According to a report from Games Industry, a second wave of major hires has come through, which includes talent from studios like BioWareRocksteadyEA Motive, and more.

The first hire is principal environment artist Scotty Brown. He last worked at EA Motive on Star Wars Battlefront II. Next is lead environment artist Noel Lukasewich, who was at BioWare for 13 years. Most of that was spent on all four Mass Effect games. Martin Lancaster comes from Rocksteady as a narrative director, and he worked on Batman: Arkham Knight and Arkham VR.

From Ninja Theory comes principal animator Chris Goodall and lead technician Rob den Dekker. Goodall has been at Ninja Theory since 2009, and Dekker has an additional history with the Fable series, LittleBigPlanet and Forza Horizon 2. Lastly, lead UI artist Joe McKernan is making a return to the studio after leaving for a few years. He worked on the Forza Horizon series before leaving, and during that gap worked on Horizon Zero Dawn and Destiny 2.

Whatever this game ends up being, it’s going to have a lot of muscle behind it. As we know, Microsoft announced its purchase of Playground Games at E3 2018, along with the likes of Ninja Theory and others as part of big efforts to bring exclusive games to the Xbox One family.

[Source: Games Industry]