Overwatch Figurines

Nendoroid Soldier 76 Is Unspeakably Adorable and Up for Preorder Now

Often compared to Funko Pops, the Nendoroid series is a line of intricately detailed, small, adorable figurines. What sets this series apart, however, is the wide variety of poses possible. Soldier: 76 is the latest Overwatch hero to join the ranks, appearing alongside Tracer, Mei, Mercy, Genji, Hanzo, D.Va, Sombra, and Junkrat. “A variety of optional parts are included to recreate all of [Soldier: 76’s] abilities from the game in cute Nendoroid size.”

Below are all the product details, plus a closer look at the possible Soldier:76 Nendoroid poses:

The figure is fully articulated and his mask can be detached allowing for all sorts of display options. The iconic “76” printed on his back has also been faithfully captured on the Nendoroid. His Helix Rockets are included and come with their own stand to be displayed spiraling out toward his opponents, and a Biotic Field part is included to keep him and his squadmates healthy. An alternate mask part with a special attachment is also included allowing Soldier: 76 to be displayed making use of his Tactical Visor ultimate ability! Last, but not least, he also comes with a golf club for some more playful poses!

Realism is achieved through small details, such as the translucent piece used for the standard visor. He can even be displayed with his visor completely removed, so there are plenty of options to display Soldier: 76 in whatever way you see fit.
Nendoroid Soldier: 76 releases in February 2019 but you can secure yours by preordering here until September 13th, 2018, for ¥4,900 or approximately $43.89.