Parents Are Hiring Fortnite Tutors for Their Kids

Fortnite‘s massive success is hated on by many, but denied by none. This battle royale game has raised the value of Epic Games as a studio and earned over $1 billion from in-game purchases alone. Fortnite has a hand in esports, collectibles, and now tutoring.

That’s right. Parents are now hiring Fortnite tutors to coach their kids and maybe help them win (or at least survive a bit longer) in battle royales. One of the focal points of these tutoring sessions involves building, which is arguably the game’s most essential and complex mechanic. Players can’t deny the value of practicing, and neither can Epic Games. In fact, Playground Mode was introduced to facilitate mastery of the game’s systems.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the tutoring prices often range from $20 an hour to $50 for a four-hour lesson. Why would parents pay money to help their kids get better at a video game (and in some cases, take the lessons themselves)? Parents list a variety of reasons. Some want their kids to be able to enjoy the game. That involves a certain level of skill, something I realized upon being killed minutes after jumping off the bus my first time, second time, and seventh time. Parents also cite the social pressures kids experience from their peers to “git gud.” And lastly, some use it as a parent-child bonding experience.

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[Source: Wall Street Journal]