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Ark: Survival Evolved Dev May Have Leaked Its Next Game, Check Out a Trailer

Take a look at the video below that briefly appeared on Studio Wildcard’s YouTube channel earlier today with the caption “Atlas Internal Trailer 2 Final.” Users who saw the video claim that it was taken down mere minutes later but not before the internet’s rapid action force noticed and managed to make copies! Do note that the quality seems to have been compromised in the process.

In case the video above is removed by the time you land on this article, then you can find two copies over at YouTube channels Koen,Craft and Jett.

So what’s Atlas all about? Many have guessed that Studio Wildcard is working on a game in the same vein as Rare’s Microsoft-exclusive Sea of Thieves, Ubisoft’s upcoming Skull & Bones, and the studio’s very own action adventure Ark: Survival Evolved. Some believe that we’re looking at Ark 2.0.

What Atlas really is only Studio Wildcard can confirm. If the trailer’s caption is any indication, the developer might have been putting finishing touches on the trailer but released it ahead of time. It’s also possible that the leak was a deliberate tease.

Stay tuned for updates. We’ll make sure to keep our readers posted as and when we receive more information. In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think Atlas is.

[Source: Reddit]