Koei Tecmo Has ‘No Current Plans’ to Put Nioh on the Xbox One

Sorry, Microsoft fans, but it looks like samurai Dark Souls is not coming over to the Xbox One. According to a tweet put out by the official Koei Tecmo Europe account, the publisher stated, “There are no current plans to bring Nioh to Xbox.”

The news comes in the form of a reply to a series of tweets. A Spanish gaming outlet known as Saselandia posted a video to YouTube. In the footage, Koei Tecmo was screenshotted as suggesting that Nioh coming over to Xbox is “not out of the realms of possibility.” Koei Tecmo then confirmed that Sony owns the Nioh retail license.

Koei Tecmo was then asked if it could do a digital release, similar to what Square Enix did with NieR: Automata, to which it replied, “While under contract with Sony no. But like I said it’s not a complete no. In the future it may happen.” This conversation took place via Twitter direct message, but the date of the exchange has been hidden. 

A day later, after being asked whether an improved version of Nioh for Xbox One was true, Koei Tecmo Europe said that the guy was “stretching” and the studio had “no current plans” of porting Nioh over to Xbox One.

So in case you thought maybe Nioh could make it over to Xbox One, because it was released on the PC back in November 2017, Koei Tecmo has confirmed that this isn’t happening in the foreseeable future. However, the publisher did say in the Twitter direct message, it’s “not out of the realm of possibility.”

With Sony owning the Nioh license, it depends on whether Sony wants to play nice with the rest of the industry. Given the company currently isn’t playing nice when it comes to cross-play, it’s unlikely we’ll see Nioh—or Nioh 2, for that matter—on the Xbox One. Sorry again, Microsoft fans.

Back in May 2018, developer Team Ninja announced that Nioh had sold two million copies worldwide. It’s a shame Xbox One owners will never be able to experience the brilliance of Nioh, but it’s never too late to jump in on a different platform.

Nioh is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC.

[Source: Twitter]