Nioh Post-Launch Update Will Add a PvP Mode, 70-Minute PS4 Gameplay Video Released

January 17, 2017Written by Jason Dunning

In an interview with Gamereactor Spain (translated by Google Translate), Nioh Game Director Yosuke Hayashi revealed that Team Ninja plans to release a free PvP mode shortly after launch:

We plan to offer for free a player-to-player mode in the near future after the launch of Nioh. There is also a seasonal pass available to book on PlayStation Store which will add three large DLCs that will be launched shortly after the game’s exit.

Asked if Team Ninja developed Nioh with a sequel in mind, Hayashi said, “Our approach was to develop Nioh and think about the possibility of a sequel after analyzing the player’s response to the game.”

Because of its gameplay and difficulty, Nioh draws comparisons to Dark Souls and Lords of the Fallen. According to Hayashi, what sets Nioh apart is the deeper equipment system and the ability improve William’s combat skills:

We have a lot of respect for Dark Souls and Lords of the Fallen. However, for Koei Tecmo it is special to bring originality. Nioh is an action RPG based on combat with a Western samurai protagonist and takes place in the heartbreaking sixteenth-century war in Japan. Nioh offers a deeper weapons and combat system equipment as well as the opportunity to improve combat skills William.

If you haven’t seen enough Nioh gameplay yet, PlayStation Access uploaded a 70-minute video today, giving you a look at the Holy Mountain area on PS4 from start to boss. Asked why Nioh is level-based, instead of open-world, Hayashi said, “Nioh introduces many regions and historical sites in Japan. We structured it by levels so that players could experience many of these locations instead of having to select only a few.”

Nioh releases on February 7 in North America and February 8 in Europe for PlayStation 4. It went gold yesterday.

[Source: Gamereactor via NeoGAF, IGN]