Fortnite’s Back Bling Fix Should Stop Game Crashes

All of those Fortnite coaches probably didn’t expect this. Part of the fun of the game is getting to customize your avatar in any way you’d like. Unfortunately, that very thing has been the cause of the most recent issue plaguing the online sensation. A Fortnite back bling glitch is causing some unforeseen problems.

Apparently, wearing a cloth back blings with the Beef Boss skin can cause Fortnite to crash. The issue first came to light via Reddit. Originally, Epic Games’ solution was to simply advise players against the combination.

Now, Epic Games has offered a  better solution, albeit a temporary one. The developer has released a Fortnite hotfix that removes physics from cloth back blings. The company noted that the development team is working on a proper solution. In the meantime, don’t be worried if your back bling looks a bit strange in-game.

Considering the number of customizable options currently available and rumored for Fortnite, this could be an issue that could be more prevalent. With the sheer amount of clothing combinations, sometimes issues like this are inevitable.

Fortnite just dropped a major update on August 7, 2018, which added a new mode and other improvements. The fifth season of Fortnite is well underway, so be sure to check out our brand-new Week 5 Challenge Guide.

Fortnite is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

[Source: Reddit]