fortnite customization leak

Datamined Leak Seems to Suggest More Fortnite Customization Incoming

Watch out, there may be more ways to spend your money in Fortinite very soon. According to noted Fortnite dataminer @FNBRLeaks, a range of items may soon be customizable.

According to the Fortnite customization leak, upcoming customizable items may include:

  • Hats
  • Battle Bus
  • ATK Decorations
  • Map Markers
  • Calling Cards
  • Consumable Emotes (animation when you consume an item)
  • Victory Pose (animation when you win a game)

Given the high volume of items, it’s likely that the release of these items in the shop will be staggered. Hats, in particular, have been rumored for quite some time, so their release seemed inevitable.

The potential to customize items shared by all players is intriguing. All players start off the round on the Battle Bus. Considering it’s the one thing all players see in the game, it’s likely the Bus would appear different for everyone in the round. The handling of ATK vehicles is also something to keep an eye out for, as well.

Considering the staggering popularity of Fortnite, the introduction of more microtransactions makes sense. While we may not see these introduced in the current season, we may see new customization items as soon as Season Six.

Who knows, maybe you can put everything learned from that Fortnite tutor to use? There’s nothing better than wearing a fancy hat and doing a custom post when you achieve that Victory Royale. But what do you think about this Fortnite customization leak? Let us know! And be sure to check out our Fortnite challenge guide for Season 5’s week 4 challenges!