Creative Director Teases Ghost of Tsushima’s Authenticity in ‘Making of’ Video

Every showing of Ghost of Tsushima so far has wowed audiences. The impressive visuals and seemingly fun gameplay are certainly major draws. However, the world and its historical narrative are also massively appealing. In a brief ‘Making of’ video, Ghost of Tsushima’s Creative Director, Nate Fox, discussed how he and the team at Sucker Punch are working to develop an authentic and engrossing experience.

You can see this Ghost of Tsushima video below.

Ghost of Tsushima depicts the Mongols’ harrowing invasion of Tsushima Island in 13th Century Japan. While Sucker Punch aims to stay true to the historical context, Fox said the events won’t be a one-to-one recreation. Yet, achieving authenticity remains of the utmost importance. To accomplish this, the developer is working closely alongside historians and experts.

Significant details, such as how Samurai wield their katana, to smaller touches, like how folks of the time drank sake, are being researched. Sucker Punch is gathering information from 13th century Japanese dialogue and religious experts, as well. According to Fox, each step is an effort to “make the place feel [transportive].”

The Creative Director also addressed Ghost of Tsushima’s villains, the Mongols. Since they are invaders, it’s easy to paint them as “cardboard cut-out” enemies. Making them three-dimensional, then, is as important as anything else.

With the above in mind, Fox described the Mongol leader as “reasonable.” But a villain with whom the hero may see reason makes for an “unsettling” foe. Based on these few teases alone, it sounds as though Ghost of Tsushima’s narrative is something worth paying closer attention to as the wait for the game’s release persists.

Sucker Punch has yet to announce when Ghost of Tsushima will arrive on store shelves.