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Cuteness Incoming as We Unbox Little Dragons Cafe Limited Edition

Little Dragons Cafe will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 in North America in August 2018! Thanks to the wonderful people at Rising Star Games and Aksys Games, we were given the chance to do a Little Dragons Cafe unboxing for the limited edition bundle.

Fair warning: There will be an influx of cuteness coming to your monitors in the video below. Be prepared to smile and go green with envy.

The Little Dragons Cafe Limited Edition box comes with the following:

  • Adorable dragon plushie (the dragon is so soft and I named him Teddie!)
  • The music of Little Dragons Cafe CD, featuring 17 songs.
  • 18 very cool cards
  • A copy of the game (Our review will be coming soon!)

For those on the fence about Little Dragons Cafe or this LE box, the game is your basic affair where a boy and girl are forced to run a restaurant and raise a dragon on their own, all while foraging for ingredients and keeping their wacky staff in line. You must make sure that your customers are happy, by providing quick service and creating great new dishes, all in an effort to raise the level of your eating establishment.

Little Dragons Cafe is set to release on August 24, 2018 for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in North America and on September 21, 2018 in Europe.

What did you think of the unboxing? Did it tempt you to run out and pick up a Limited Edition bundle? If so, you can still order it here or there. Let us know in the comments below! Also, watch for our review on August 23, 2018.