Battlefield V Devastation of Rotterdam Trailer Released for gamescom 2018

EA teased a new trailer for its upcoming World War II shooter, Battlefield V, on August 15, 2018. Planned for gamescom 2018, the video is called Devastation of Rotterdam, obviously pointing to the Luftwaffe bombing blitz on Rotterdam during the war in 1940. The bombing was a key moment in the war, directly leading to the Dutch surrendering to Germany. Now that moment has been made an interactive part of the Battlefield series, and EA has released the full trailer today.

Watch the Battlefield V Devastation of Rotterdam trailer here:

The trailer, which claims to be all in-game footage, is a montage of intense gameplay that runs the full gamut of Battlefield V‘s various concepts. We see tanks, combat inside and outside of small buildings, massive environmental destruction, and some pretty terrifying explosions. At one point, a plane crashes into a train station, transforming the bright and colorful Netherlands environment into the trademark Battlefield V dark blues and oranges of fire and rubble.

From there, we see hints of cutscenes and aerial combat, and even more examples of the range of real-world color DICE is putting into Battlefield V as the locations change from snowy mountains to a sunflower field. Finally, the trailer wraps up with a haunting image of what is presumably a bird’s eye view of a burning Rotterdam.

Battlefield V will release on October 19, 2018. Preordering the game grants people early access to the open beta.

[Source: Official Battlefield YouTube]