Hunter x Hunter, Planet Namek, and the Statue of Liberty Are in Jump Force

It’s time for another issue of Weekly Jump in Japan, therefore, another big reveal for upcoming three on three brawler, Jump Force. This one’s fairly substantial, as it confirms two new characters from a new series, a new stage, and a new mechanic of sorts.

The character and series reveal is of Hunter x Hunter, the current (on and off again) series from Yu Yu Hakusho creator Yoshihiro Togashi. We’ve got a hero and a villain here, with main character Gon Freecss, and early antagonist Hisoka Morow.

The new stage is the iconic Planet Namek from Dragon Ball Z fame. Fans love to hate Planet Namek, as it is the textbook example of anime time-filling. The infamous “five minutes” of the Frieza arc will never be forgotten. But there’s a bit more to this version of Planet Namek.

In Jump Force, the real world and the Shonen Jump world have collided. This is reflected in the stages, such as the previously revealed Hong Kong stage featuring crashed ships from One Piece. This time, we’ve got an “anime Planet of the Apes” situation going on, as the literal Statue of Liberty seems to have crash-landed on Namek. I, for one, am tickled.

Also, the magazine page confirms a “new battle performance” mechanic, which basically means characters’ costumes will be damaged through the course of a battle.

[Source: Twitter]