battle chef brigade deluxe ps4

Battle Chef Brigade Gets a Deluxe Update for its PS4 Debut

Battle Chef Brigade, an indie hit from Adult Swim Games that was previously only on the PC and the Nintendo Switch, is coming to the PlayStation 4. A new version of the game, Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe, is coming to all three platforms with a laundry list of updates and additions.

On August 28, 2018, PS4 owners will finally get a chance to check out Battle Chef Brigade and all of its puzzle/brawling hybrid glory. The game is all about going out and thrashing monsters for ingredients in classic-style beat-em-up areas, then moving to a “match three” puzzle-style when it’s time to put those ingredients together to cook.

Among the new additions for Battle Chef Brigade are new character Ziggy, the Undead Necromancer, and a local multiplayer mode. Ziggy uses breakdancing and kicks in combat, and has the ability to summon zombie sous chefs, ingredient-carrying imps, and turret demons for support. In multiplayer, friends will be able to test their battle chef skills and duke it out, Street Fighter-style. A Dynamic Theme for PS4 is also on the way.

Here’s an official list of further additions and tweaks, per Trinket Studios’ Tom Eastman in a PlayStation Blog post:

  • New Survival Mode: A speedy arcade mode where a death in the arena ends your run. Each win lets you pick from an assortment of items as you conquer the leaderboards.

  • New Free Play Mode: Practice hunting in any biome and crafting the 120+ dishes. This is the place to perfect your combos and analyze each ecosystem.

  • New Gallery: As you level up your Brigade Rank with Survival runs and bouts in the updated Daily Cook-Offs, you unlock gorgeous concept art.

  • New maps: Enter the Darkrealm in Daily Cook-Off, Free Play, Survival, and Multiplayer!

  • New Challenges: Ziggy gets his own pair of Break the Dishes stages.

  • Accessibility Improvements: We’ve added color-blind options, updated fragile state art, and let you fast-forward through duel introductions.

  • Thrash Buffs: Everyone’s favorite father of two has a much-improved Counter, better Berserk timer, and speed tweaks.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]