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TimeSplitters Creator Would Like to See Second Sight Brought Back

In August 2018,  THQ Nordic announced that it acquired the rights to the Timesplitters IP. One could easily assume that the publisher has plans to revive the long-dormant series. However, despite the fanfare over the Timesplitters acquisition, David Doak, the founder of Free Radical Design, thinks Second Sight—another IP acquired by THQ Nordic—would be ripe for revisiting.

He believes Second Sight has the potential to succeed in the modern world. “I think with Second Sight, even if you just remade [it] and fixed all the shonky physics and the controls and stuff, people would still go, ‘that’s great,'” he said in an interview with VideoGamer. He even brought up the ability to see a person’s future moves as something that could be explored in a potential Second Sight sequel.

As for why he would rather see Second Sight revived over Timesplitters, he expressed concern that a new Timesplitters wouldn’t surprise people. “The easy thing for people to say [of a new game] is ‘oh yeah it’s not as good,'” he told the outlet. That doesn’t mean he’s against the idea of reviving Timesplitters, of course. He’s happy the IP won’t be lying dormant for eternity. “When I saw it, I was really pleased because I just didn’t like the idea of there never being anything done with it,” he mentioned in another article.

What exactly THQ Nordic has planned for either Timesplitters or Second Sight is unknown. The publisher has been in the business of reviving old franchises lately, like the incoming Darksiders III, but we will have to wait and see what happens next.

[Source: VideoGamer]