Resident Evil 2 Seems to Draw From Old Concepts

As we know, Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake is making some changes here and there to the overall look of the game and its world. Of course, some of that is informed by technological improvements and modern design sensibilities. But some of the team’s choices may date back to 1997, and the earliest history of Resident Evil 2.

There are multiple pieces of evidence, presented by the Resident Evil fanbase, that Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake team dug pretty deep for some of the changes, perhaps in homage to the past it is remaking. The first exhibit is Ada Wong, the infamous spy introduced a this point in the series who is famous for her striking, red dress. Citing how unrealistic said dress is for someone who is supposed to be sneaky, Wong’s design has a significant change. While it isn’t explicit as she hasn’t been fully revealed yet, a brightened image of the tease we’ve seen so far seems to suggest Ada is wearing a beige trench coat.

Exhibit 2 is Mr. X, the Tyrant-like character that chases Leon and Claire around in pseudo-indestructible fashion. His design has changed slightly from what we’ve seen so far, particularly in the hat he’s wearing. Both Ada’s coat and Mr. X’s hat can be traced back to concepts from the original, scrapped version of Resident Evil 2, which we now refer to as Resident Evil 1.5.

Some fans are even suggesting Claire Redfield, who was recently reintroduced during gamescom 2018, resembles the original female protagonist of Resident Evil 1.5, before she would eventually become Claire. It’s interesting stuff, and is really another cool example of how much Capcom does care about its own history.

[Source: Eurogamer]