Here’s What PS4 Players Get in Destiny 2: Forsaken

A ton of new stuff in on the way for Destiny 2 players, thanks to the arrival of the Forsaken expansion next week. But for PlayStation 4 players, there are even more good things heading their way. Sony just dropped a new PlayStation Blog post that lays out all the goods that PlayStation 4 players will have exclusive access to in the add-on.

First up on the list is the Wavesplitter, an Exotic weapon from the same in-universe manufacturer as the Coldheart. This weapon fires an energy beam that builds in power as you hold down the trigger. There are three levels, which are indicated by a meter on the weapon, its sound effects, and thickness of the laser itself. As an added bonus, if you pick up an Orb of Light, the weapon will stay on the highest power level for a limited time.

Broodhold is a new Strike mission that is a PlayStation-exclusive. Set in the Tangled Shore, players will board a crashed Hive Tombship and fight their way through an infestation until a showdown with the Hive Brood Queen. She’ll swap between physical and shadow forms, using different abilities in each one. You can check out a video below of a run through an early version of Broodhold:

Finally, each class will have a PlayStation-exclusive armor set, and an exclusive ship called the Great Beyond is also up for grabs. The armor sets are called Thorium Holt (Warlock), Red Moon Phantom (Hunter), and Mimetic Savior (Titan).

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches on September 4, 2018.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]