Earth Defense Force 5 Preorder Comes With Singing and Dancing Decoy

Earth Defense Force 5 has yet to get a definite release date, and the window for the western release has gone from summer 2018 to fall. Still, on a more positive note, both the standard and deluxe edition are now available for preorder on the PlayStation store! Buying an early copy can get you some intriguing incentives, like a potentially handy decoy. Not to mention, the deluxe edition will give you “full access to all future DLC content, exclusive missions, weapons, support arms, and more.”

Let’s watch an Earth Defense Force 5 trailer, to give you an idea of what you will be working with.

Preordering either version of Earth Defense Force 5 will give you the following at launch, as listed on the PlayStation Store:

• Pure Decoy Launcher 16 variations set – A special decoy which will dance and sing in the battlefield.

• Volcanic Cracker – You can get the Wing Diver weapon and start using it from the beginning and you may only receive this weapon by pre-ordering the game.

• Powered Exoskeleton Nix: Gold Coat – A commander machine shining with gold which boarding is admitted only by an early recruit.

The standard edition costs $59.99. The deluxe edition costs $89.99 and comes with the following extras:

• Deluxe Edition Bonus Content 1: EDF5 Theme

• Deluxe Edition Bonus Content 2: Decoy Launcher [Pale Wing]

• Deluxe Edition Bonus Content 3: Star Burst

• 12 variations of additional weapons and support arms that will boost the power of each of the ground troops

• Two mission packs – Available post launch contains:

• Additional mission 1: EXTRA Challenge

• Additional mission 2: SUPER Challenge

Will you be diving into this cult classic franchise and fending off alien attacks when Earth Defense Force 5 comes to the PlayStation 4 this fall in North America? Let us know in the comments.