Earth Defense Force 5 Hype Continues with New Trailer

Originally released in Japan back in December 2017, Earth Defense Force 5 is making its way to North America. The title is expected to debut this summer, but we’re still waiting on a concrete release date. We do, however, have a new trailer to remind us of all the over-the-top battles that will ensue.

Published by D3 Publisher and developed by Sandlot, this third-person shooter is the latest installment in this alien insect-fighting franchise. I love how this trailer shows off the gameplay, which is fairly ridiculous, while a tune from Beethoven plays in the background. It’s a cute contrast between the goofiness and drama. The over-sized insects are the main focus in this video, so brace yourself:

As usual, expect some good old-fashioned, mindless mayhem. Set in the year 2022, which is disturbingly close to today, the game starts on a fateful day when giant insects arrive. The trailer poses the following question: “Is humankind destined for destruction?” The implied answer is no.

Players will need to be ready to defend the planet against hordes of creatures, either on foot or using land/air-based vehicles when Earth Defense Force 5 arrives on the PlayStation 4 this summer in North America. Hopefully we get a hard release date soon. Unfortunately for our friends in Europe, there’s still no word noting if or when the game will be released in that region.