Consoles Are the Third Most Popular Way to Game, Per NPD Group Report

EEDAR, the NPD Group’s research division, just released its 2018 Gamer Segmentation Report. Overall, it boasts some interesting, if not completely surprising, statistics. In case you were in denial of the absolute domination of mobile gaming, the report says that 90% of American gamers use their phone. Despite the continued success of the PlayStation 4, consoles are the third most popular way to play video games at 43%. PC is at second, with 52% of gamers using one.

Sadly, handheld titles were trailing at 9%. Don’t worry, Vita, we still love you.

Of course, this doesn’t spell doom and gloom for consoles. 59% of American gamers play on multiple platforms, including mobile devices. So a majority of console users also use their phones to get their gaming fix in, and vice versa.

None of this is necessarily shocking news, but it does reaffirm that mobile gaming is here to stay. Sony has already been expanding it’s gaming efforts to the mobile space. Some of Sony’s longest-running franchises, including Everybody’s Golf and Wild Arms, have migrated to smartphones and tablets. The company has even begun to use mobile devices as controllers in PlayLink games, such as That’s You!

5,000 active gamers in America were surveyed for this report, which was conducted in June 2018. Despite the contents of this report, consoles aren’t going anywhere for now. The next generation of consoles is reportedly approaching rapidly, though we still don’t have concrete details on what that will mean.