The X Games Have Arrived in Ubisoft’s Steep

Today, Ubisoft has announced a new expansion of sorts for Steep, which is all about the X Games. Set in the Alaska X Games Village, players will be able to participate in new X Games-themes activities, such as Big Air, SuperPipe, and Slopestyle. Additionally, Ubisoft has announced a bundle that includes the DLC and base game, and everything in-between.

The X Games Pass itself is the regular DLC add-on, which is $14.99 and comes with the following:

  • X Games DLC
  • ‘90s DLC: Add an old-school vibe to your game with a special filter that makes Steep look like a ‘90s-themed winter sports game
  • Rocket Wings DLC: Soar through the snowy skies at breakneck speed and complete new challenges with Rocket Wings

Then there’s the Steep X Games Gold Edition, which costs $39.99 and includes the whole shebang:

  • Steep (base game)
  • X Games Pass
  • Season Pass Year One, which includes:
    • Extreme Pack: Three additional sports (Rocket Wings, Speed Riding and Base Jump) and new challenges and customization items
    • Winterfest: One additional sport (Sled), new challenges, winter-themed costumes and customization items
    • Adrenaline Pack: New costumes, snowboards and wingsuits, and the Moonlight Pack which offers glowing costumes and nocturnal challenges
    • Bonus helicopter tickets
    • 10,000 Steep credits to customize gear at the in-game store

The X Games content for Steep comes out on October 30, 2018, for the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and the PC.