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PlayStation Classic Will Support Smartphone USB Adapters, Won’t Have PSN Functionality

Following the announcement of PlayStation Classic, fans had a lot of burning questions about the upcoming iteration of one of the most memorable consoles in history. Thankfully, Sony has answered some of these questions pertaining to topics such as power sources, external peripheral support, and online functionality.

In an email to IGN, a company spokesperson confirmed that PlayStation Classic can be powered up by “any USB power source meeting the 5V/1.0A requirement” including smartphone USB adapters. However, the USB ports on the mini console cannot be used to connect any external peripherals, including the original PlayStation’s controllers. Sony reiterated that the PlayStation Classic is only designed to work with the controllers that are bundled with it.

As is the case with other classic mini consoles, the PlayStation Classic won’t receive any post-launch content and will not support online functionality, including PlayStation Network services. That also means no trophies, in case you were wondering.

We previously reported that PlayStation Classic will launch with a different library of games in Japan. Sony has confirmed to IGN that the list will be “tailored to each region,” depending on the popularity of the original games among fans in those regions.

We’re also told that PlayStation Classic’s library will have no bearing on current-gen remasters or re-releases as it’s a “separate initiative from any ports or re-releases of older titles.”

PlayStation Classic will release on December 3, 2018 with a price tag of $99.99.

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