Catherine: Full Body Opening Scene Is the Start of Something Amazing

Catherine‘s cult classic appeal can’t be denied, so its no surprise that people are thrilled for the release of the remake, Catherine: Full Body. This cinematic opening, featuring staff credits, will make you forget the game is still months away.

Here’s the Japanese version of the Catherine: Full Body opening.

There’s nothing like a strong video game opening to get you hyped for a game. This Catherine: Full Body opening takes place in the dead of night, yet all the environments are full of life. Neon lettering for the studio and game title invites you into this bold story. Shots full of shadows, dirty bathrooms, bugs, and bloody mirrors prime us for the horrific events ahead. But amidst some disturbing imagery are somewhat seductive shots of a glowing arcade, a bottle of wine on a bar, and a piano tucked away in the corner. All of this is underscored by jazz rap.

You can learn more about the original Catherine by reading our review. But keep in mind that this remake will introduce a third romance, Rin, and will make a few other notable changes.

Catherine: Full Body will release in Japan on February 14, 2019 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. A Western release has also been announced, but release dates have yet to be revealed.