Playstation and Xbox Exclusives Fight in Virtual Vendetta

YouTube channel NicksFlicks recently dropped a preview of its live-action short Virtual Vendetta, teasing a lengthier preview that will stream live on Saturday, October 6. The concept is a cool one: What happens in a world where the console exclusive characters of both PlayStation and Xbox engage in an all out war?

In a universe where consoles are reimagined as planets and games reimagined as sectors, what would it take for worlds to collide? Who will reign victorious? Xbox vs Playstation, it is time to settle this once and for all.

This preview will be deleted immediately after it’s shown, so fans who miss it won’t be able to see it again until December when the series officially launches. We’ll be watching Kratos go toe-to-toe with the Master Chief, so I’d say we’re all in for a very entertaining show.

What characters would you like to see beat the stuffing out of each other in the series? Shout out in the comments!

[Source: YouTube via Twitter]