Rumor: Latest Rocksteady Rumblings Suggest Justice League Is in Development for the PS5

A renewed interest in what Rocksteady Games is up to was sparked, whipping excited fans into a bit of a “crisis.” This new rumor follows a previous rumor suggesting that Rocksteady is not in fact working on a Superman game, but a game perhaps involving the entire Justice League. The information added this time is a hint at what the subtitle might be, as well as the fact that, should this rumor hold any truth to it, we won’t be seeing this game until the next generation of consoles arrves.

This rumor, like many others, originated as a 4chan post, which was of course anonymous. The author of the post claims tha,t while they are not working on the game, they have access to someone who is, hence the information. 4chan isn’t exactly the most reputable spot on the internet, but leaks originating there have come true in the past, especially in 2018. Either way, this is “rumor” to the fullest extent of the phrase.

According to the post, this Justice League game allegedly has the word Crisis in the title (a popular term for Justice League events), but the final title has not been decided upon yet. The game will reportedly be revealed in 2019, along with waves of next-generation hardware reveals.

What we’re looking at, in terms of game content, is supposedly a single player/co-op experience, with character swapping similar to Batman: Arkham Knight. A “service” model, meaning long-term DLC is possibly planned, and the game supposedly features Starro as the initial villain, with Braniac and Darkseid coming later as add-ons.

Storywise, each hero would apparently be early on in their careers, giving me early “New 52” vibes. Again, take all of this with a massive grain of salt. We do know there has been a lot of activity at Rocksteady, with all the E3 2018 drama and intriguing job listings. Ultimately, we’ll find out what happens when Rocksteady puts someone on a stage to talk about it. Until then, the rumor mill keeps churning.

[Source: Comic Book]