The Quiet Man Japanese Release Date Set Alongside New Trailer Reveal

Ready to talk about The Quiet Man, a live-action third-person brawler devoid of sound? Square Enix has released a new trailer, which ends with the Japanese release date. It will arrive in that region on November 1, 2018, and no release date for the west has been confirmed yet.

The last batch of The Quiet Man details we got were released alongside a cinematic trailer and a separate combat trailer. This time we see both story and gameplay functioning together, as seamless as Square Enix claims it will be.

Early on in this The Quiet Man trailer the lead character has an encounter with a group of “thugs,” but signals that he can’t hear anything. The opening sequences are scored by the sound of a pulsing heart, until the lead character enters the piano bar and sees Lala the songstress. That’s when the score switches to the piano.

After receiving an ominous note, the thugs from earlier and some masked men infiltrate the piano bar. That’s when the action begins. Lala is kidnapped, and our hero sets off to get her back. In the process, combos are dished out everywhere imaginable, from alleys and apartments to streets and gas stations.

Originally teased at E3 2018, all events in The Quiet Man take place over the course of an evening. The game is approximately three hours long and will be $14.99

The Quiet Man will launch of the PlayStation 4 and PC in Japan on November 1, 2018, with no word on the western release date yet.