It’s Almost Time for Overwatch LEGO Sets

Blizzard and LEGO coming together to make sets based on Overwatch was announced a while ago, among other big merchandise deals (such as NERF). But today, we have our first real look at the set with a new teaser video and an official website launch.

If you watch the video in the above tweet, you can see Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan fiddle around with the first LEGO Overwatch minifig, and of course it’s box art star Tracer. Once he finishes putting the little figure together, Tracer comes to life, drops her catchphrase, and leads up to a logo splash, which is really just the normal Overwatch logo with the LEGO box in front of it.

But there’s more! LEGO also launched its Overwatch website, which tells us the sets are coming soon, However, the page displays a neat, little pile of LEGO bananas and features the quote, “Imagination is the essence of discovery.” Is there an Overwatch character who can be attributed with that quote, who also really likes bananas? Yeah, probably.

While Overwatch isn’t the first LEGO set based on a video game, it is arguably the second, and the first that’s much less of a transmedia property compared to Minecraft and Angry Birds. The other way around is much more frequent of course, with Lego Dimensions (RIP) bringing the two mediums together in the past.

[Source: LEGO]