The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Physical Copy Teased for PS Vita

In a recent Twitter post, indie game publisher Nicalis, Inc. teased an image of a physical copy of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth for the PS Vita. Whether this is an official guarantee of a physical release remains to be seen, but fans of the game have been quite vocal about in their demand for it. For many, simply owning a digital copy is no big deal, but it speaks to a collector’s heart to see a favorite title among others on the shelf.

If you haven’t played it, yet, The Binding of Isaac is a 2D rogue-like that pits players against the hellish nightmares awaiting Isaac in his basement. You’ll often encounter disgusting creatures while also becoming more disgusting yourself with questionable upgrades. It’s all a jolly trek to destroy your own mother’s heart. You really just have to play it.

The Binding of Isaac rebirth physical

The game has received numerous patches and updates since it’s release, the latest being the V1.06.J168 patch, which featured a hefty amount of graphical alterations, as well as numerous bug fixes and added conveniences to make gameplay as smooth as possible. The Repentance DLC was recently announced without a release date, which will be the game’s final round of extra content.

But what do you guys think about having a physical copy of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth for the PS Vita? Is it too late, or are you salivating like other die-hard fans?

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