Dreams Will Let You Build Everything But MMOs

Don’t let your dreams be dreams. You can turn them into a playable reality when Media Molecule’s beta starts sometime in 2018. In a recent interview with Game Informer, studio Co-Founder Alex Evans, discussed just how (almost) limitless Dreams is going to be.

While Evans confirmed you can make anything you can think of or any game that has been made before inside of Dreams, he admits that a MMO wouldn’t be possible.

Not only is multiplayer not available at Dreams’ launch, but with it capped at eight players (at best), that wouldn’t exactly be massive. Plenty of other popular genres, including battle royale, are fair game though. Other limitations are content-based. You can make a M-rated game in Dreams, but Evans would “advise against publishing it.” Nudity and suggestive content may be flagged/removed from the game.

Some games in Dreams can run at 60 fps, but others will be at 30 fps. It will all depends on how much creators put into their games. If you’re playing on a PlayStation 4 pro however, more of the games will run at 60 fps for you.

When asked which original PlayStation game might be easiest to recreate in Dreams, Evans replied, “I was a Wipeout boy [and you can make that].” He also mentioned Parappa the Rapper and Vib Ribbon as two games that immediately came to mind as notable titles that could be made in Dreams.

While Evans says he’d be happy if as low as 1% of Dreams players got involved with level creation, he hopes the percentage will be much higher. In fact, the game itself encourages creation through rotating weekly community creation challenges and a level-based progression system for your avatar. As you create, you level-up, and the ceiling is currently uncapped. Although, it’s currently unclear if leveling up grants you anything other than a number by your avatar.

What will you create in Dreams? Let us know in the comments below. Not so keen on creating? You can still enjoy the campaign and whatever levels the community designs.