Dreams Won’t Have Online Multiplayer at Launch

Thanks to Game Informer’s month of coverage, official details are finally surfacing about Media Molecule’s Dreams. One of the latest bits of information to stem from the coverage concerns the game’s multiplayer functionality. During a rapid-fire questions video, Media Molecule’s Co-Founder, Alex Evans, said online multiplayer will not be available at launch.

Evans said that “online multiplayer isn’t day one, but it’s coming later.” He elaborated on this later in the video, revealing his uncertainty about when the functionality will go live. When asked about a potential release window, Evans intimated that multiplayer does exist in some form. However, it is not yet at the quality Media Molecule is aiming to achieve. “We could put it out bad tomorrow, or we could put it out good later,” Evans disclosed.

Player count for multiplayer also received attention, though there’s some uncertainty about the numbers. According to Evans, the studio’s targeted player count is four players, “maybe eight.”

Local multiplayer earned a mention, too. Evans confirmed that Dreams will allow players to create games with their friends via local multiplayer. He also said creating projects with others can take place asynchronously. Unfortunately, this notion wasn’t elaborated upon. Yet, this may allude to a player’s ability to perform a task, then leave it for a friend to finish later, allowing the two go back and forth on one project at their leisure.

Dreams is currently without a release date, but Media Molecule still plans to launch the long-awaited beta sometime in 2018.

[Source: Game Informer]