We May Finally Get More Details on the Elusive PS4 Exclusive, Dreams

For many, Media Molecule’s upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Dreams, is an enigma. While it’s immediately apparent what Dreams is once you’ve gotten your hands on it, it’s hard to convey what it truly is about. Well, Dreams has officially revealed to be on the cover Game Informer‘s November 2018 issue. With that, we may finally get some long-awaited information on this mysterious title.

As Game Informer‘s cover game, the biggest stories in the November 2018 issue will be dedicated to bringing new details about the game to readers everywhere. It promises to reveal “exclusive details on the game’s story mode, tools, and much more.” While we’ve previously gotten a taste of the Dreams story mode, we’re likely to get a full breakdown of what exactly it is. And as a fun little fact, the cover was made entirely in Dreams itself.

Perhaps most excitingly, we may finally learn the release date for Dreams. We learned the release date of Marvel’s Spider-Man through Game Informer, so hopefully, this will be a similar case. Media Molecule had previously stated that Dreams will release sometime in 2018, though time is certainly running out there. Hopefully, the release date turns out to be different than the one that supposedly leaked from Amazon Italy.

Though we still don’t have the release date, we have been getting more information from Dreams as time has gone on. We saw the creation of a Dark Souls-esque gothic horror game, as well as a recreation of Shuhei Yoshida. Are you excited to learn more about Dreams? Let us know!

[Source: Game Informer]