Ubisoft DDoS Attacks Hit Multiple Games

Bad news for fans of Ubisoft games. The company has fallen victim to DDoS attacks. These began surfacing at 7:48 am CT on October 5, 2018. The most recent update from the company’s support account cited a series of DDoS attacks hitting multiple games.

A full message on the Ubisoft DDoS attacks was posted on the official forums. You can read it below:

UPDATE 12:30 PM EST: ​​We’re currently experiencing a series of DDoS attacks, which unfortunately are a common occurrence for almost all online service providers. This may impact connections to our games as well as server latency, and we are taking steps to mitigate this issue.

Some of the games being impacted by this issue include Rainbow Six Siege and For HonorSince Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a single-player action-RPG, this should hopefully not put too much of a damper on people who are picking up the game to play today.

These Ubisoft connectivity issues across platforms actually started on October 4, 2018. The first tweet on the support account alerting people to issues appeared on October 4, 2018 around 6 pm CT.

Are these server issues getting you down? Have you noticed any problems in some of your favorite Ubisoft games? Let us know!