Darksiders III Lore Video Takes Us Inside The Charred Council

Darksiders III hits store shelves later in 2018, and the anticipation for the long-awaited new entry continues to build. After recently launching a brief trailer, Gunfire Games has released yet another new video going over the game. The latest look at Darksiders III, however, exclusively focuses on The Charred Council.

Learn about The Charred Council’s positioning in the Darksiders universe with the video below:

The Charred Council essentially serve as mediators, tasked with maintaining balance in the universe. Crafted by the Creator, The Charred Council must intervene if the powers of either Heaven or Hell grow too great.

The nature of this entity’s existence remains a mystery. Because The Charred Council is often depicted featuring the presence of three heads, it’s typically seen as being a group of multiple beings. However, there are instances in Darksiders lore that refer to the Council as a singular entity. Might this finally receive clarification in the forthcoming release? We’ll see.

For fans looking to see more of Darksiders III in action, Gunfire Games has offered plenty of content from which to choose. Earlier this summer, 11 minutes of gameplay hit the web. Shortly thereafter, a video showcasing environmental puzzles went live. With the game’s launch arriving in a little over a month’s time, Gunfire Games is bound to show off more soon.

Darksiders III arrives on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One later this fall on November 27, 2018.