Suikoden Series’ Website Relaunches

Konami has broken Suikodens five-year silence by restructuring the series’ website. The last update to occur was on June 18, 2014. This was when the “Best Collection” version of Suikoden I and II was made available for PlayStation Plus members in Japan as a free trial for the PlayStation Portable. The official Twitter account for the series has also been on hiatus for quite some time, more specifically since February 18, 2013.

A company doesn’t restructure a website without a purpose, which leads us to speculate as to why it occurred. Could there be a rerelease on the horizon, or possibly a new entry to the series? Suikoden is a beloved franchise hearkening back to the days of yore, when the very first PlayStation console was brought into the world. It makes sense that Konami would want to maintain and expand on the series that made a mark on the PlayStation and PlayStation 2.

So what say you, Suikoden fans? Should we hope for a rerelease, a remake, or a new entry in the series? Our own Cian Maher recently called for Suikoden II to make an appearance as one of the remaining unannounced titles for the PlayStation Classic plug-and-play console. Let us know what you think in the comments!

[Source: Gematsu]