Origins of Anthem’s Fort Tarsis Explained in New Developer Blog

Continuing in their developer’s blogs about the upcoming game Anthem, EA and Bioware have dropped some nifty details about the game’s main hub, Fort Tarsis. The city stands as a fortress against the impending dangers of the outside world, founded by the Legion of Dawn leader General Helena Tarsis. Other distinguished groups, such as the Freelancers, Sentinels, less than reputable agents of Corvus, and the Arcanist monks have since found a home within Fort Tarsis and established themselves as prominent factions behind the city’s walls. Their alliance is what keeps the city from crumbling. An official description of Fort Tarsis can be read below:

Fort Tarsis will also serve as the central location for you to pick up your next mission. With agents from all the major factions, it’s only a matter of time before someone comes calling with your next Freelancer contract. While you can pick up some missions from the safety of your strider (your four-story-tall mobile base), others have to be done face-to-face in Fort Tarsis. Just watch your back – some of these agents aren’t exactly upstanding citizens.

It’s worth mentioning that citizens of Fort Tarsis will also respond to a player’s actions and choices, but what’s most interesting about their description of Fort Tarsis is the ever elusive Strider. It’s only ever been mentioned briefly in gameplay videos as a mobile base where you can “unlock” the weapons you find throughout the game world and presumably construct your loadout, but what are its other mechanics? Hopefully we’ll get some answers soon. Anthem release on February 22, 2019.

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[Source: EA]