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Encased is a Kickstarter Success, Now It’s Time for Stretch Goals

Encased, a Kickstarted, turn-based RPG based on the likes of Fallout and the novel Roadside Picnic, has met its goal of $100,000. Now the game, currently aiming for April 2019, can march towards development goals with confidence, and developer Dark Crystal Games has also revealed some stretch goals.

The first two stretch goals are as follows, per a press release announcing the funding:

Stretch Goal #1: The Fallen Fortress encounter ($105,000).

A massive in-game event for players to discover: epic battle versus waves of hostile Raiders!

Stretch Goal #2: Free play mode with new content ($110,000).

Players will be able to continue exploring the world of Encased after the main storyline is finished.

As of this writing, the funding has reached the $103,00 mark, and with four days to go, it’ll be interesting to see how far things go.

A statement was also provided from creative director Viacheslav Kozikhin:

We are developing the Encased for a while already and we felt a great support from the community and old-school RPG fans. We have reached pre-alpha and we are confident that Encased could become a great game. But we are a small team, and there is a lot of things that we’d like to add. With help of our community, Encased will now become a way more ambitious, better fleshed-out and polished game