Fallout 76 Location Comparison Video Shows Famous Resort in the Apocalypse

Since Bethesda took over the Fallout series starting with the third game, one of the big attractions to the series has been its real-world settings. From Fallout 3‘s Washington Capital Wasteland to Fallout 4‘s New England Commonwealth, the development team’s eye for detail has always been impressive. Now with Fallout 76, the “world” of Fallout is going massively multiplayer and doing so in a post-apocalyptic vision of West Virginia. A comparison video shows how it matches up.

A recent video from IGN zeroes in on the twisted tourism of the new setting, showing how closely to the real thing the creators of Fallout 76 have designed the famous Greenbrier resort.

As you can see in the video above, the montage moves back and forth between the Whitespring Resort in Fallout 76 and its inspiration, the real-life Greenbrier, a West Virginia luxury resort that has been in business in various forms since the late 1700s.

What may make this location stand out to Fallout fans who can’t drop thousands on a stay at this resort, is the fact that the Greenbrier actually sits on top of an underground bunker designed to be a literal fallout shelter for Congress during the Cold War. So there’s probably a good reason the Whitespring Resort has such a spotlight on it right now.

You’ll be able to see the digital recreation for yourself once Fallout 76 drops on November 14, 2018 for the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and the PC.

[Source: YouTube]