For Honor Marching Fire expansion

For Honor Gets Visual Remaster in Marching Fire Expansion

There’s plenty to come in Ubisoft’s Marching Fire expansion in For Honor on October 16, 2018, just five days away. We mentioned some of the features and modes to be expected when we discussed the game’s milestone of acquiring 15 million players, as well as a major graphical overhaul of textures and lighting for all current multiplayer maps and story mode. For Honor’s own Art Director Christian Diaz took time to explain some of the work that went into game’s graphics overhaul, stating that work on this expansion had begun in early 2017. When asked about what the remaster allowed him to accomplish, he had this to say:

I think we can convey a better sense of what you’re supposed to be feeling at any given point with the remaster. If you’re playing a Valkenheim map and it’s supposed to look and feel cold, we can convey that sense of temperature much more now. Similarly, the warmth of a place like Ashfeld will be more apparent now. The campaign and the cinematics have receive a refresh as well so players looking to revisit the campaign will also notice new visual aspects.

The graphical enhancements can be viewed below, taken from the Temple Garden map.


For Honor Marching Fire expansion


For Honor Marching Fire expansion

The lighting overhaul looks tremendous, breathing new life into the game’s distinct color variety. If you have yet to play For Honor, and these new improvements and modes have peaked your interest, you can check out our review to help you make an informal decision before the expansion drops.

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[Source: Ubisoft]