Defiance 2050’s Trouble in Paradise Update Launches Today

Trion Worlds has launched Trouble in Paradise, a big, new update for its free-to-play sci-fi shooter/MMO Defiance 2050. Along with different kinds of permanent, new content, this update introduces “Hunker Hell,” the post-apocalyptic, mutant and bug-fighting version of Halloween.

Hunker Hell will last until November 5, 2018, and it will be a source of special rewards while it lasts. Ark falls, which are random events in the game’s world that any passer-by can join, are being altered slightly, and will drop new kinds of rewards for the duration of the event. Part of the event is a new weapon skin system, with new skins available through participating in the event (or making in-game store purchases). More skins will come in future updates as well.

Beyond Hunker Hell, other kinds of new content are being introduced in Trouble in Paradise that will stick around. A new enemy faction called the Grid is being added, and with those come new story missions that explain what the Grid is.

Finally, a new class is being introduced, called the Crusader. This is a melee-oriented class, which uses a two-handed hammer and an array of special abilities to help Crusaders make an impact on the battlefield despite everyone else using firearms.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]