Epic Games Sues Popular YouTuber for Selling Cheats

YouTuber ‘Golden Modz’ has over a million subscribers and racks up thousands of views daily. He became popular for exploiting games such as Grand Theft Auto V and Fortnite, and he even sells mods for these games on his personal website. Unfortunately, the very thing that made him so popular is what is making him a target of Fortnite’s developer, Epic Games.

Epic Games sued Golden Modz, aka Brandon Lucas, for allegedly violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for his actions. Epic also brought fellow YouTuber Excentric (Colton Conter) into the lawsuit, due to his participation in Lucas’ videos. Lucas pleaded innocent, pointing towards similar videos made by other YouTube personalities. Epic countered by saying it has already been proactive in attempting to remove this kind of content from the website. If successful, the company will be seeking the profits made from the mods, as well as costs from the case.

Epic has made its stance on cheating very clear. Back in 2017, it engaged in another lawsuit, going after two alleged Fortnite cheaters. It took its crusade against cheating even further in October 2018, purchasing a notable anti-cheating company. With Fortnite approaching the holiday season (with a retail bundle to match), Epic Games is looking to make sure its phenomenon is safe and secure.

[Source: GameRant]