Production on a Grand Theft Auto V Documentary Is Currently Underway

A feature documentary charting the development of the most successful entertainment property of all time seems fitting. Grand Theft Auto V was bound to have someone chomping at the bit to tell the story of its triumphs and failures. According to Screen Daily, Salon Pictures (ChurchillMcQueen) is the UK production team on the case. Filming for the documentary, entitled The Billion Dollar Game, has already begun.

Breaking Habits director, Rob Ryan, has been tapped to helm the project. Salon’s Annabel Wigoder and Nick Taussig will produce, alongside executive producers from Quickfire Films, Jan Pace and James Atherton. Also on board to executive produce The Billion Dollar Game is Cora Palfrey, Chief Creative Officer of Independent—a content creation and distribution company based in London.

Details regarding who from Rockstar Games is involved remains under wraps. However, The Billion Dollar Game reportedly consists of new and archived interview footage.

Because Rockstar Games maintains a shroud of mystery, it should be interesting to see what surfaces from the documentary. Will audiences finally discover some of the nuances surrounding the company’s acclaimed creative choices? Might an in-depth evaluation of crunch development at Rockstar, especially given recent news concerning Red Dead Redemption 2, finally see the light of day? Much of this seems wishful thinking. But who knows what’s possible once the cameras get rolling?

[Source: Screen Daily]