ZeniMax Online Studios Hiring People to Work on a New Consoles and PC IP

Super sleuths on ResetEra have taken notice of a ZeniMax Online job listing. ZeniMax Media Inc’s official website features a posting about a Core Tech Programmer job opening. According to the post, the studio is in search of a programmer to join the team and begin “work on an exciting new IP!”

Of course, the listing doesn’t disclose specifically the nature of the IP, nor does it offer hints as to the project’s current state of development. However, bullet points beneath the job “responsibilities” section seem to intimate that the game is in its infancy.

The responsibilities listed are as follows:

  • Implement core engine tech
  • Turn engine architectural goals into reality
  • Develop core engine components (threading, object system, memory management, file system, etc.)
  • Work with engineers, artists, designers, world builders, and producers to match core engine features and performance to the game’s vision

Featured in the “requirements” section are a few other intriguing details. For instance, ZeniMax Online Studios’ wants its new hire to be versed in the technology powering the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A request for familiarity with current-gen technology doesn’t mean ZeniMax isn’t looking towards future consoles, though.

The requirements list includes:

  • 4+ years of game industry software development experience
  • Extensive engine programming experience on either in-house engines or commercial ones such as Unreal and Crytek/Lumberyard
  • History of implementing low-level tech in high-quality engineering teams
  • Strong technical knowledge of Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC
  • Robust programming skills/experience in C++
  • Credited on at least one published video game in a programmer role
  • Strong architecture and low-level performance programming skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience with network game client/server architecture

Interestingly, the sole “desired skill” requested is for the applicant to possess “MMO development experience.” Given ZeniMax Online’s development of The Elder Scrolls Online, this comes as no surprise. Yet, we’re left to wonder if this new IP will indeed add to the MMO space. As the ResetEra post posits, it could be a game in line with Destiny or The Division,a shared-world shooter with MMO components.

[Source: ZeniMax Careers via ResetEra]