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People Can Fly CEO Talks Bulletstorm Sales, What’s Next for the Company

Polish developer People Can Fly has an interesting history, moving between making its own brand of over the top shooter such as Painkiller and Bulletstorm, and working with Epic Games across most of the Gears of War series, and even on the “Save the World” side of Fortnite. An interview with outlet Games industry sheds some insight into what the company is up to now, as well as how well Bulletstorm and its 2017 remaster fared in terms of sales.

Painkiller put People Can Fly on the map, which led to the work on Gears of War with Epic Games. In turn, that led to Bulletstorm in 2011, which was published by EA, but also co-developed with Epic Games (so much back and forth!). According to the interview, which was with current People Can Fly CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski, Bulletstorm sold around 2 million copies.

Wojciechowski said that while that made Bulletstorm successful in their eyes, the expectation was for it to do Gears of War numbers, which obviously didn’t happen. That said, when People Can Fly broke away from Epic Games and, retaining its IP, made Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition with Gearbox, the second try turned out a lot better.

Now, People Can Fly has three different studios, and the company is all hands on deck on a new, AAA shooter project with Square Enix. While the IP ownership in this situation isn’t clear yet, what Wojciechowski did imply is that People Can Fly has a lot of freedom in terms of development, which seems to have been the goal with this partnership.

[Source: Games Industry]