Torchlight Frontiers Relic Weapons Detailed by Echtra Games and Perfect World

In a press release today, Torchlight Frontiers publisher Perfect World Entertainment and developer Echtra Games released information on the games’ “Relic Weapons.” These powerful weapons are obtainable through Torchlight Frontiers‘ crafting system, and grant access to special abilities and effects unique to these weapons.

Here is the information from the press release:

Relic Weapons

Those courageous enough to brave the frontiers will be able to collect Relic Weapons, powerful ancient items earned through the game’s crafting system. These exclusive weapons can be activated for a limited time to carry out deadly, earth-shattering attacks on approaching enemies. When Relic Weapons are equipped in battle, they also grant players with additional powers and unique effects.

Since power progression in Torchlight Frontiers shifts away from character levels and focuses more on gear quality, Relic Weapons can be leveled up to increase or gain new item stats and unlock special skills. These powerful items give players the flexibility to choose from weapons that define a certain character type or ones that complement their individual play styles.

Today the Echtra Games team reveals three of Torchlight Frontiers’ new Relic Weapons, including:


Causes poison bolts to erupt from a powerful staff.

Fire Striker

Shoot fireballs at its foes from a flame-wielding sword.

Flaming Destroyer

Grants the power to summon an ethereal sword that burns and smashes its enemies.

Screenshots of each of those weapons being held by different characters were also provided, which you can see in the gallery below. Torchlight Frontiers is coming sometime in 2019 for the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and the PC.