The Final Fantasy XIV Community Got Together for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and a portion of the Final Fantasy XIV community got together and had an event of sorts recently. Totally unplanned in any official Square Enix capacity, this was a totally community-driven event that shows that there’s more to gaming in a community sense than yelling at each other in general chat and grouping together for loot.

This particular instance, which the Final Fantasy XIV team opted to highlight and let us know about via a press release, saw the RISE group, a Free Company (the Final Fantasy XIV guild equivalent) get together and celebrate. They even had a “photographer” show up and take some awesome group photos, which has been a big part of this event gaining traction across the greater Final Fantasy XIV community.

Here’s what went down. Members of RISE got together, and they all put on Pink Lotus gear sets, then as groups they formed the familiar ribbon shape, that has become the widely-known symbol for breast cancer awareness. Then, they used the cherry confetti item, and lit up the formations for much greater effect.

We’ve embedded RISE’s tweet above, so you can see the different images, which show how much effort the group put into making it look nice. While other publishers have run events in the past that have led to merchandise and donations, it’s neat to see members of a game’s community organize an event without official involvement.