Here’s How Glitch Mode Works in Death end re;Quest

In early 2019, Idea Factory will unleash the strangely-titled, turn-based JRPG Death end re;Quest upon the PlayStation 4. One of the game’s features is Glitch Mode, and today Idea Factory wants to show off what that looks like.

When a character in the game comes into contact with a “Field Bug” or is hit, that character’s “Corruption Level” goes up. Once it gets high enough, that character can enter “Glitch Mode,” a powered-up state that gives the character in question “God-Level” powers. Of course, there’s a drawback. If you let your Corruption Level get too high, your character will be unable to move properly. If they get knocked out they’ll come back, but with status ailments.

Idea Factory released a batch of new screenshots that show what Glitch Mode looks like, which you can check out via the gallery at the bottom of this post. In the meantime, here are Death end re;Quest‘s key features:

  • Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction? – Jump between reality and in-game modes, as players will need to investigate in the real world view to solve the mysterious inner-workings of the World Odyssey, and switch to an in-game view mode to battle against glitched-out monsters. Choose options wisely, as your decision can change the game’s ending!
  • Turn-Based RPGs Flipped Upside Down – In this turn-based command battle system, you can roam freely and duke it out with fearsome monsters. During battle, players can change the game’s genre from a first-person shooter to even a fighting game!
  • You’re Buggin’ Out – While exploring, players will need to activate character-specific dungeon skills to access hard-to-reach areas and hidden treasures!
  • Follow the White Rabbit and Discover a Bug Infested World – In this hyper-realistic game world, players must help out Shina escape a game universe filled with infected bosses and mesmerizing environments!