Watch 20+ Minutes of Death end re;Quest Gameplay

Earlier this month developer Compile Heart announced that Death end re;Quest had been delayed from March to April. While that news disappointed some fans, they’ll be glad to know that the studio just released a new video showing off the role-playing game’s gameplay. There is over 20 minutes of gameplay footage, which means the game’s battle system gets to shine. It should look semi-familiar to those that have played the Neptunia games, as it shares some similarities in how it works.

Check out over 20 minutes of Death end re;Quest gameplay below:

Since the game was recently delayed, Compile Heart are offering up some free DLC as a make good:

Compile Heart will be releasing the above swimsuit costumes as free DLC regardless of the status of the game’s pre-order campaign as an apology.

Regarding Death end re;Quest which was originally planned to be released on March 1, 2018, we have made a decision to change the release date to April 12, 2018, due to certain circumstances.

As an apology for this change in release date, the Swimsuit Costume DLC, which was originally planned as the S rank reward for the pre-order campaign, will be given for free.

We deeply apologize to not only customers who have been looking forward to this game’s release but also to related companies for the huge inconveniences caused by this, and we hope you will continue to support us with unchanged patronages.

Death end re;Quest is set to release on April 12, 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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