Red Dead Redemption 2 Players Are Glitching Into Mexico

While Red Dead Redemption 2 is an open-world game, it still has its limits. The most obvious example is that the edges of the world are blocked by invisible walls, a common occurrence in most games. This barrier prevents players from traveling to Mexico, but some people have found a way across the border.

YouTuber ZarCoxTV has made his way to Mexico thanks to a slight “crack” in the wall. It’s worth noting that you’ll need to complete the campaign to access these areas of the map.

To get there, you’ll need a lot of stamina tonics, health tonics, food, and patience. If you cross the San Luis River, manage to get your horse above some rocks, and glitch slide your way through the invisible wall, you can make it to the other country. However, if you want to actually explore, you’ll need to use a cheat code to spawn a horse. Otherwise, you’ll be extremely limited on foot.

While the area is mostly empty, there are a few locations present, like El Presidio and a tunnel for railroad tracks. As this YouTuber pointed out, the community has theories that Red Dead Online will start in Mexico, but Rockstar Games has yet to release any details regarding the game’s online component. We do know that those playing on the PlayStation 4 will get early access to some features when the mode launches sometime in November 2018.

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[Source: Eurogamer]