Rockstar Working to Bring Back Missing Red Dead Redemption 2 Characters Banished by a Bug

A glitch in Red Dead Redemption 2 keeps players from interacting with Sadie Adler, John Marston, Jack Marston, and Abigail Roberts. The bug occurs after completion of Chapter 2’s “Polite Society, Valentine Style” mission. These characters aren’t just impossible to converse with, however. They’re completely missing from the Horseshoe Overlook camp. Thankfully, this doesn’t affect side missions, as these four should appear if they have a mission for Arthur. Yet, it’s worrisome, as some players are missing certain character interactions. According to Rockstar, a fix is on the way.

An article on the studio’s support page has addressed the bug, confirming its existence and promising that an update will set things right. Additionally, the post offers a tip on how to hopefully avoid the bug, if players have yet to reach that point in RDR2.

Here is Rockstar’s official statement:

If you completed the mission ‘Polite Society, Valentine Style’ at the start of Chapter 2, but needed to use the Retry Checkpoint feature, then Sadie, Jack, John, and Abigail will only appear in camp when they have missions for you to complete. We are aware of the issue and are currently working on a fix to be included in an upcoming Title Update.

In the interim, in order to experience all vignettes and conversations, players must complete the ‘Polite Society, Valentine Style’ mission without using Retry Checkpoint. If the player fails any portion of the mission they should abandon and restart mission, or load a save before the mission failed.

Note: While players will miss some of the in-game vignettes and conversations, mission progression is not impacted. All Companions will return to the Camp at the beginning of Chapter 4.

Details on when the update goes live have yet to surface. Hopefully, the issue isn’t too widespread.

Though it hasn’t spent two full weeks on the market, RDR2 has already earned Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive incredible commercial success. Boasting entertainment’s most profitable opening weekend and outperforming its predecessor in the UK means Rockstar’s latest will maintain a high position on sales charts for many months to come.

[Source: Rockstar Support]